May 4, 2009

Spring Inspiration: Yellow

Yellow just seems like the perfect color to transition from Spring to Summer. It reminds me of daffodils, tulips, fresh fruit, lemonade and of course, pollen!

I was thrifting this weekend and found myself drawn to the sea of yellow racks, trying to find the perfect little blouse or dress. Unfortunately I didn't find anything, but to my pleasant surprise, I am not the only one drawn to yellow this season. Here are some of my favorite yellows so far!

The lovely, Liebemarlene.

Effie of The Snail and the Cyclops.

Sally Jane in front of some beautiful forsythia.

Perfect little jacket from Rebecca.

The always adorable Clothes Horse (wearing one of my most favorite skirts!)

Photos from the Charles Cushman Photography set.

1 comment:

shelbyisms. said...

I am loving they yellow, as well.