July 20, 2009

Happy Birthday America (and me)

This is more than a little belated, but I had such an amazing birthday/4th of July weekend in Brooklyn! I stayed with my good friend, Kate, who along with her boyfriend, Nick, has been the most amazing friend and hostess to me and Adam. At this point I can't even count the amount of times she has taken me out to eat and let me sleep on her futon.

We met in elementary school through Watertown Children's Theater (Bye-Bye Birdie!) but didn't become friends until middle school. She's always been the most independent one in my group of girl friends and often the most hilarious and wild. Case and point - our American flag manicures. Her idea.

Other weekend activities included eating an amazing burrito that was the size of my head in Williamsburg (no joke - so good!!) and heading to Jones Beach in Long Island. Kate and Nick played some beach paddle ball and Kate got some sick air! She's so athletic :) And can we discuss her amazing bathing suit?! So perfect and so cute. I just relaxed in the sun while keeping Adam company as he read.

I didn't want to leave after such a great weekend, but I will be there permanently soon enough! More on that later!

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