January 3, 2010

So I was at Woodley and Bunny earlier this week and one of the hair stylists was wearing the most perfect pair of boots I have laid my eyes on. Perfect tan brown, small heel, perfect height... I just assumed that they were, of course, some amazing one-of-a-kind vintage find and that I had no hope of discovering a pair like it. Turns out I was wrong! Not twenty minutes later did I walk into Shoe Market to find these Shoe Market for Jeffrey Campell boots - the exact pair the stylist was wearing. I could own them too! Unfortunately they are one hundred eight-five effing dollars. Damn you!! I will just have to add them to the list of things I would buy if I were rich :(

Via Shoe Market.


Kennedy said...

the fringe is what makes them i think. ive been wanting a pair all winter!

OliviaDias said...

Those brown boots are amazing, i've been looking for some vintage lace ups for ages but its so hard to find the perfect pair. Its a shame these are so expensive!
I really like your blog, you have great taste.x