April 5, 2010

Recent Purchases

I went into Anthro during my break at work the other day and naturally there were a million things that I wanted - one being this dress. I put it on hold with the intention of going back after work to try it on. When I got there the line was one hundred people long, so I just bought it and figured I could return it if it was ill fitting. Well, it fits like a glove and I am currently OBSESSED. I have gained a significant amount of weight the last couple months and this dress makes me feel like a million bucks. I'm really happy about it.

I have been watching this skirt on Clever Nettle for a long time now and the recent warm weather convinced me to just suck it up and buy it. I'm really excited to wear it!

Happy Spring everyone! I hope you're all in the spirit like me :)

Via Anthropologie and Clever Nettle


Melissa H said...

Yay! you bought it!

Kristina Karenina said...

Okay though I'm rarely into Anthro's stuff, I find the first dress INCREDIBLY adorable! The nautical sailboats are simply perfect for summer on the beach. I'm in love.

olive said...

Kristina, it was totally affordable too! Only $58! Shocking for Anthro, right?