January 11, 2011

New year, new glasses.

I've had bad vision since second grade, so glasses and contacts are not a new or foreign thing to me. I haven't gotten new glasses in maybe.... five years? I asked for a new pair for Christmas and my sweet mom agreed!

These are what I ended up choosing. They're from Warby Parker. They have really great fashionable glasses for $95 a pair, including frames and lenses! These are Webb frames in Whiskey Tortoise Matte. Warby Parker has an office in NYC where you can make an appointment to try different frames on, but for those of you who don't live in the NYC area, don't fret! You can have up to five pairs mailed to you to try on. When you decide on the perfect frames you just purchase them online like any other online shopping site. Fill in your prescription and they send your new glasses directly to your house within a week. Amazing!

I'm still getting used to the new prescription, and it certainly feels weird to be able to see so clearly, but it's a good thing to be able to read signs and see your friend's faces, right? :)


Anonymous said...

I just got their Miles frames and love them! Feel like I had a complete make-over when I wore them during a long weekend in San Francisco, got many compliments. Not a bad way to start my year!

Karina Chiodo said...

The price is totally worth it! Those glasses look good on you. You're even lucky to have a sweet mom. Why didn't you ask for a new one during those 5 years? Hmm. You must've felt anxious wearing your previous glasses. Anyway, you're right. There's nothing more precious than seeing everything so clearly!