January 21, 2011

Places I've been: Washington, D.C.

I thought I might try a feature on here: Place I've been. Greg and I did a fair amount of traveling last year, which, looking back, was a highlight of my year. We started by taking a big Civil War themed road trip beginning in New York City and ending in Corinth, Mississippi. Since then we have been on many weekend adventures and there have been hundreds of photographs to document them, but for whatever reason I haven't thought to put them up here. All that is going to change! Starting now I am going to gradually post pictures from the travels I've taken in the past year, and will continue to add them as I take new adventures this year. Stay tuned!

First off we have Washington, D.C. Greg went to college there so he has a lot of friends who are still down there - not to mention a particular soft spot for the city in his heart. Mostly because he loves all things Abraham Lincoln.

We have visited a couple times now, but these pictures are from a weekend trip we took back in September for a friend's wedding. The highlights were definitely the National Museum of Health and Medicine at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center and Ford's Theater. The bullet that killed Abe is at the medical museum and Ford's Theater is obviously a shrine to him (as well as a functioning theater). An old classmate of Greg's volunteers at the theater so we got a VIP tour, which was really awesome.

D.C. is a rare place that actually has seasons. I'm from the North East where the seasons seems to transition like this: Winter, Summer, Fall for two weeks, Winter. It's nice to go a little South and actually have an extended Spring and Fall, which are my favorite times of year. I can't wait for things to warm up in NYC so we can start our traveling adventures again.

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