February 15, 2011

Murray's Bagels

Sometimes a girl just needs to have breakfast for dinner. In this case a whole wheat everything bagel with veggie cream cheese from Murray's Bagel's - one of the best bagel joints in NYC.

St. James tee and cardigan: Madewell

Clearly I think pictures of myself shoving food that is too big for my face into my mouth is hilarious.

Coat and scarf: J.Crew
Bag: 10 ft. by Stella Dallas
Jeans: J Brand Bardots via Beacon's Closet (best find ever!)
Shoes: MG Vintage on Etsy

I've finally gone through all my photos from the IFB Conference so I will have some to share with you very, very soon! A million apologies about the lengthy delay :(


Dora Cruceru said...

Oh,boy ! That bagel made me so hungry :)Love the shoes


Margaret said...

Wow...looks delicious. Love your look-so cute!

Mgt x