March 5, 2011

I need a hair cut.

I haven't had my hair cut in 4-5 months. This isn't out of the ordinary for me as I generally just get my bangs trimmed every 6-8 weeks in between cuts in order to maintain some resemblance of a hairstyle (and to save money), but this time it's slightly out of control.

The last time I went in to get a bang trim, which was in the beginning of January, Sarah told me that she would be moving her salon's location during the month of February so if I needed a cut I should come in before the end of the month, or else I would have to wait until March. Well, February 1st rolled around and my bangs were starting to get in my eyes, but I was took late! The move had begun, so I have been stuck with the weird growing-out-length bangs for over a month now.

They're such a mess that I've been just pinning them back like the photo above. My forehead hasn't has this much action since 2002! I feel like I look like a total weirdo, and maybe a little bit like Marissa Cooper with her early 2000's bang poof or worse: this girl, but Greg and Emily (my LA friend) assure me that it looks good. What do you think?

Regardless, this problem will be resolved next Wednesday afternoon. I can't wait!


Efrat Deutsch said...

I need a hair cut as well :) I like to have my hair long but I need to have my ends cut and bring my layers back to life.

Andrea Grace said...

me too! I made an appointment on Tues. and I"m nervous because I want a change I think I'm going to go lighter. Hope I didn't make the wrong decision:)

Liz said...

the thing with dying your hair is that you can always dye it back!