July 15, 2011

Gift Bag Give Away!

Photo courtesy of Dalaga

Dalaga's 5th Anniversary party is tonight! I'm really excited to finally see all our hard work come to fruition and I really hope to see some of you readers there!

Dalaga is having a big in-store and online sale throught the weekend and tomorrow everything (minus already reduced items) is 15% off! Also, anyone who makes a purchase in the store tomorrow will be automatically entered to win the awesome gift bag pictured above. It values at about $300, so this is a seriously good prize people!

The gift bag includes a Shabd hand tie dyed Baggu backpack, hair accessories by Alexandra Grecco (who also happens to be co-hosting the party), the Dalaga fragrance, earrings by Friend & Nemesis and Zachary Pryor, some cute sunglasses and an original print by Foxtail Press.

The party is from 5pm — 9pm so please come by to say hi, eat some cupcakes and drink a jasmine tea cocktail if you're around!


Emily Rose said...

i seriously love that backpack. i might just have to get one after i stop having to save all my money! i like the peach colored one!

Meg said...

that looks like such a great time! i have been eyeing those baggu/shabd backpacks since the first collection last year. I LOVE

Heather & Bo said...

We just found your blog, and you just seem like the sweetest most genuine person. It is not on our blogroll and one of our favs!

and of course that backpack is genius!

Liz said...

oh my gosh, h&b, you are so incredibly sweet!