July 12, 2011

I have a new job that I love.

All photos courtesy of Dalaga

I mentioned before that I've had some exciting work related things going on. Well, now I can tell you all about it!

You may have already caught onto this from my posts about the Seychelles/Loved One party, and maybe even from my outfit posts, but I started working at this fantastic boutique called Dalaga in Greenpoint back in March and I was recently hired full time as the Marketing Director! This is basically my dream job and I could not be happier.

It's been a real struggle for me work wise since I moved to New York back in 2009. I quit my job in Boston and moved here with nothing lined up, and since the economy was terrible I had to work retail for over a year before finding something that was full time. The 9-5 job was a freelance gig that I actually ended up hating and was eventually laid off. I have never ever been laid off from any job so it was really soul crushing. I was staying late every night, cleaning up a huge mess that was left for me by the previous people who held my position with basically no training and very little support. I was working so, so hard but I was made to feel like I wasn't trying at all. There were a couple late nights in the office involving tears. No joke.

Anyway, in the end getting laid off was a blessing because I found Dalaga. After months on unemployment and job searching I came across an internship listing on Dalaga's website. I sent and e-mail and followed up with a phone call and was basically hired over the phone then and there. The rest is history!

The past month has been extra hectic at Dalaga because we are celebrating the store's 5th anniversary! We are having and in-store event on Friday July 15th and I encourage all of you to come! I will post some more details about the party tomorrow, but for now you should follow Dalaga on Twitter, Tumblr and friend them on Facebook! Shameless self promotion, I know :)

p.s. Can you spot me in all these photos?


Al said...

congrats! funny how things fall into place if you're patient.


Emily Rose said...

wow! congrats!! i will be seeing you friday! and i'm happy to get to see the store, hopefully things work out and i can work with you there one day! we will have so much fun. that reminds me, i'll bring my resume!

Liz said...

im so glad to hear you can make it emily! i like how often im seeing your face around here :)