October 14, 2011

St. Croix Pt. 3

All photos by me

After the waterfalls we headed to the Domino Club for lunch and some mid afternoon drinks. The Domino Club is kind of like a dive bar in that the people who work there are insanely friendly and chat you up as if you were old friends, not to mention some of the choice decor and laid back vibe the tin roof give off. They're famous mainly for one thing though - their beer drinking pigs! That's right. They have a pen full of giant hairy pigs that look more like wild boars who LOVE O'Doul's. You can buy a six pack for a couple bucks and head to the pens to feed these beasts some delicious non-alcoholic brews. All you have to do is mosey to to the pen and put your hand out. The pigs open their mouths and you can slide the beer right in there! They crush it in their mouths and spit the can out when the liquid is gone. Crazy huh?? It was kind of scary at first, but really fun and the smaller pink pigs were actually really cute.

After the Domino Club we headed to Frederiksted, which is on the western part of the island. There isn't much there and it's the smaller of the two main towns on St. Croix, but it's where the cruise ships pull in. There is a GIANT dock for these cruise ships (which you can see from satellite on Google!) so we naturally went to swim and jump off it! I wasn't very good at taking pictures of everyone jumping - as you can see I took the picture a couple seconds too early each time. It took me like, 30 minutes to get up the courage to jump myself, but eventually I did and I can tell you that the water really was that blue!

Next up is Rainbow Beach and sunset swimming.

P.S. Yes, that is my friend Emily drinking directly from a coconut with a straw!

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