November 3, 2011

The not so common cold

I am insanely sick right now. My sinuses are clogged and it feels like my head is an expanding fuzzy balloon. Did I mention that I lost my voice too? Oh, well, I lost my voice. Please let me know if you find is wandering the streets of Brooklyn.

Greg is currently buying supplies for chicken soup and I'm not sure why, but every time he's made it for me I feel better. Maybe it's a comfort thing or maybe it really is the best remedy for when you're sick, but either way I am excited to eat it even though I won't be able to taste a thing.

Anyway, this is a little preview of and outfit post I have planned so unless I die from this not so common cold you will get to see the full thing very soon! Hope you're all staying healthy (unlike me) and that your immune system is fairing better than mine this fall.

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