July 6, 2012


Photos by Anna, Emma, Emily, Whitney and Me.

My birthday was great thanks to my amazing friends and family. I decided to have some people over to hang out on my roof and BBQ. It was the first time I've really spent any time up there and I have to say it was amazing. We couldn't see the fireworks way over on the Hudson too well, but Bushwick made up for that by having tons of crazy neighborhood street pyrotechnics. I also have enough hot dogs to last me at least a week in dinners.

I hope you all had a fun and safe 4th too! You can follow me on Instagram if you'd like (@olivemylove) for lots more random pictures from the 4th and my daily life. Now for lots of pictures of ladies with sparklers! (Thanks to Emma's dad!)

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Lianne Whitelaw said...

BBQ on a roof with sparklers sounds amazing fun!! Lovely photos! Hope you had a good birthday.
Lianne :-)