December 10, 2012

'47 Gift Guide

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Here's something you probably don't know about me: I know a lot about sports. Not stats or the players names, but I can probably tell you the names of most Minor League baseball teams and list all of the Big 10 schools off the top of my head. Why do I know these things? Because not too long ago I worked for a little company called '47 Brand in Boston. Never heard of them? Well, if you've ever been to Fenway Park then you have most definitely visited their Team Store on Yawkey Way and if you look at the label on your favorite baseball hat, there's a pretty good chance it bears the '47 logo.

I don't consider myself a "sports person", but growing up in New England almost requires some amount of athletic knowledge and fandom. I haven't been to a Red Sox game in more than three years, and yes I live in NYC now, but don't think - even for one second - that I will ever become a Yankees fan. That's like, a mortal sin.

This holiday season '47 is putting together some really great gift lists and when they approached me about creating a guest post, naturally, I said yes. I don't wear baseball hats or team jerseys, but many of my friends and family do, and if I had to show my team spirit '47 is the first and only place I would look.

You can read details about all of the products featured in these collages and shop my '47 picks on their brand spankin' new web store right now. My collection will be available in their online pop up shop until December 16, and '47 is offering 15% off orders with the code Olive15! I hope these help you pick out the perfect gifts for the man in your life, the stylish yet reluctant fan, or the person who is just looking to root for your home team.

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