December 13, 2012

Frances Baker S/S 2012

Photos via Frances Baker

Josie kept teasing us with all the snippets of swatches from her S/S 2012 collection on Instagram for the past few months. She has a way of finding the most amazing fabrics and this season she moved towards prints made from organic cotton and linen.

I think one reason I've been so drawn to Frances Baker is not only because the clothing is adorable, but the ethics that Josie stands behind. She believes that clothing should be long lasting, reflective of individual style rather than trends, and be at minimal cost to the environment, and I like to think that my buying habits and personal style reflect that mantra as well.

I think many of you may feel this way too, or maybe it's just me becoming more conservative money-wise as I get older, but if I'm going to spend money on something new it better be extremely well made, will last more than 5 years and outlive trends. Frances Baker meets all of those requirements.

You can shop the S/S0 2012 collection now, and for those of us who are on the opposite side of the world - use these photos to get you through the winter! I'm already fantasizing about my potential vacations...

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