April 22, 2013

California Pt. 2: Joshua Tree

Photos by me

I can't begin to tell you how long I've wanted to visit Joshua Tree. I've see countless pictures from friends and bloggers alike, so I couldn't wait to see it myself. Luckily I had three rad ladies to take this adventure with, so my first time out was amazing.

Joshua Tree reminds me a lot of Big Bend, but it's much rockier and has far more vegetation (ie trees). That familiarity made the experience strange at first—I felt like I was in a combination of some bizarro version of another national park, and a Hollywood movie set. The rock formations and twisted trees are truly a sight to be seen and they make you wonder if it's all real.

We only did a short hike and some small town exploration during our day trip, but I would love to plan some sort of camping expedition out there. There's so much history within the park as well (like the Lost Horse Mine), and we didn't even begin to touch upon that while we were there.

Until next time California...

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