September 11, 2013

Samantha Pleet SS14

Photos courtesy of Samantha Pleet

The idea of an earthly paradise is as old as scripture, and certainly not new to those of us toiling away in urban jungles like New York. I know I'm constantly searching for a real life escape to a place of Eden that will give me a moment of peace away from the madness.

I have yet to come across such place in my travels, but Samantha Pleet manages to bring utopia to us with her new "Arcadia" SS14 collection. Samantha never fails to impress with a continuation of her amazing signature prints, all of which she draws and designs herself. I can't get enough of the Mountain Stripe, which to me looks exactly like birch bark—my favorite tree.

More importantly, every garment is fit to perfection; each silhouette lending itself to it's wearers body. It's so rare to find a piece of clothing that has this much thought and care put into it. You truly get taken into Samantha's personal shangri-la when you put on her clothes, which is incredible and surreal. A feeling anyone—city dweller or not—will want to experience.

Photographer: Jacqueline DiMilia
Stylist: Turner
Models Emily Theobald and Tara Violet
Hair: Travis Speck
Makeup: Daniel Alvarez
Shoes: Wolverine 1000 Mile by Samantha Pleet
Headpieces done in collaboration with Hannah Metz
Set design: Patrick Pleet

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