October 15, 2013

Boone Hall Plantation

Photos by Greg

Shirt and bag: thirfted
Skirt: Steven Alan
Shoes: Madewell

If you follow my Instagram then you already know that I've been in Charleston, SC for the past ten days. Greg got a new job, so we decided to take a much needed us-only vacation in celebration. We've been wanting to visit Charleston for a long time. There's so much history (the Civil War started there!) and Rhiannon, Lauren and Kennedy have posted so many beautiful photos that I wanted to go just to see the colorful federal buildings and southern piazzas.

In addition to the lovely city, we knew we had to visit some of the amazing plantations in the area. The very last big house we visited was Boone Hall. We skipped the house tour and instead opted to explore the grounds ourselves. The highlights were definitely the Slave Cabins and the famous Avenue of Oaks, which you may recognize from The Notebook (the house served as Allie's family home). I really loved strolling around the gardens—lots of folks said Charleston was experiencing a "second spring" and the gardens definitely reflected that.

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