July 29, 2008

the things i love.

It's that time of year again where Summer is in full swing, but all of the Fall clothing is making it's way into stores. I kind of hat this because once the weather is exactly where I've been longing for it to be, I am ready for it to be over so I can wear boots, dresses with tights, and lots and lots of layers.

I am trying to hold off on buying anything I won't be able to wear until at least October, but I couldn't resist this beautiful sweater from Anthropologie (the image doesn't do the color justice).

I'm not usually one for ruffles, but this isn't too overwhelming. They give the sweater a bit of interest, which makes it more unique than some other sweaters I own. I rationalized this purchase by telling myself that it will be great to the cool nights when I'm up in Canada in August. It gets cold up there in the evening and this will be a great thing to just throw on over whatever I'm wearing at the moment. Right?

To top off the shopping trip my friend, Aurore, made the most delicious pasta and asparagus dinner for my room mate, my roommate's boyfriend and me. A perfect dinner to end a perfect Sunday!

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