February 5, 2009

lazy lazy lazy.

Clearly I have not been very good at keeping up with this, which is really disappointing. I think I will make updating this blog on a regular basis a belated New Years resolution!

A bigger part of that resolution is that I have decided, in general, do start doing things for myself more often. Creative things. My job has been draining me of all creative thought and motivation so I am making a more concerted effort to do creative things on my own time. I do the daily blog reading in order to find some inspiration and brain stimulation, but that only makes me pine for something creative to call my own. It's just not enough anymore so I am taking things a step further.

One way I am doing this is by taking a clothing construction class at Mass Art. It's continuing ed, but I think it's also an undergrad elective so there are a lot of students in the class as well as working people like me.

Just having something extra to do with my time has already improved my mood. I feel really excited to finally start using the new sewing machine my mom got me for my birthday last year. I look forward to getting to know it and the older, hand-me-down Singer my old boss gave me a couple years ago.

The professor is hilarious. She is a Puerto Rican woman who has so many silly sewing stories. It makes the class even more interesting because it's not just technical stuff. She relates a lot of the things we are learning about to things that she experienced which helps me learn a lot better.

My goal is to document the progress of the items I make in the class along with some thing I learn along the way. I hope to get to a level somewhere close the lovely Jenny Gordy of Wikstenmade.

Her clothing and design aesthetic is truly inspiring to me. Simple, elegant and classic. I am constantly looking at her blog and her flickr page for inspiration.

Here are some of my favorites from her collections. Too many to post all of them :)

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