March 9, 2009

Blogs I love: What I Wore

I feel like more and more people are asking me about what blogs I read. There are too many to list all at once, so I thought it might be nice to feature some of my favorites every now and then!

I start with Jessica of What I Wore! Jessica is a New York based designer who I discovered via Wardrobe Remix. She caught my eye because a) she looks like she's about 6 feet tall, and b) she has fantastic style! She mixes fabulous vintage pieces with current day items, which I love because I think it's the most practical way to dress. I identify with her sensibilities when it comes to putting together an outfit as well as how she approaches shopping. I really admire her persistence in involving herself in the fashion world via the internet (and then some) and I would like to think that maybe, someday, I can achieve that level of success too!

I also love that she designs for a sports licensed apparel company - just like me! :)

Just a couple weeks ago she posted an entry asking for shopping suggestions in the Boston area. Naturally, I e-mailed her right away! It sounds like she had a really great experience on and around the Boston shopping hub, Newbury Street, and she was kind enough to included my review of Cafe Society in her What I Wore Shops: Boston review. Check it out! Thanks a ton Jessica and come back to Boston soon!

In the meantime, head over to Jessica's Flickr page for some serious inspiration and vote for her in the Lucky Magazine Stye Spotter contest featuring Lucky Brand Jeans! If you enter you have the chance to win $1,000 Lucky Brand Jeans shopping spree! The winner will be flown to Los Angeles to help style the Lucky Brand fall ad campaign and appear in the September fall fashion issue of Lucky (one my favorite magazines)!

all images from Jessica's Flickr page.

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