June 1, 2009

Sunny Sunday

jean jacket: savers
dress: forever 21
flats: urban
bag: cafe society
sunglasses: ray ban

I went thrifting on Thursday after work and came home with a couple great pieces (photos later perhaps!). One such item is this little denim jacket. I almost always make a b-line for the kid's section when I go to Savers because, being a petite gal, kid's jackets and button ups always fit much better than the adult size ones. I have been looking for a little denim jacket this season and I was lucky enough to find this one for only $5! It's great to just throw over a little dress or pair with a skirt when heading out for the day. It breaks up the outfit silhouette so nicely and give things like tent dresses and shifts a little more shape.

This weekend's weather was so perfect. Super sunny with light breezes and not too hot! I feel like this type of weather is a little late coming this year, so I'm hoping it will become more consistent in the coming weeks!

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