July 7, 2009

New Apartment Wish List

While I was in NYC this past weekend I went out to brunch and little bar called Five Leaves. It has such an amazing interior that I could never even hope to mimic, but the one thing that I could translate is their use of jam jars for drinking glasses. They have just the right amount of details to make them the perfect addition to my kitchen cabinets. Plus they are much sturdier than regular glasses because they are thicker and I love the carved patterns on the glass.

So I started to scour the internet for some empty jam jars and I came upon Bouquet on Etsy. Not only do they have the jam jars pictured above, but there are so many adorable household items! I want to just buy everything!

Like these salt and pepper shakers.

Number glasses


Zebra dish to throw my apartment keys in.

Wire book rack for all my Lucky and Nylon magazines.

The prices are pretty good so I may have to get some of these things now that I officially have a NYC address, but more on that later ;)

All photos from Bouquet on Etsy.

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