February 1, 2010


I tried on a corduroy jumper at the last Built by Wendy sample sale back in... September? November? I don't remember. Anyway, I kinda regret not getting it. After doing a bunch of Alexa Chung image searching after the Madewell announcement it made me want a little jumper dress even more. Siri, of Ringo Have a Banana! has the perfect one I'm looking for. I feel like I could probably find a pattern somewhere and sew one myself, but I'm just so laaazzzzyyyyyy.

On another note - I am so friggin' tired of winter. Seriously. Let's move onto warmer temps already. UGH. Here are some summer sandals from Rachel Comey to cheer you (and me) up. Note to self: buy green socks to wear with my new sandals!

Via Ringo Have a Banana! and The Thread


Kennedy said...

oh those shoes with the green socks! i have been looking for a perfect pair of shoes to try that look with since summer! they are just amazing <3

olive said...

rachel comey is pretty amazing. i want everything from her spring collection.