March 20, 2010

Red Hair and the Brooklyn Bridge

sweater: Madewell
dress and belt: thrifted
shoes: Leibemarlene
socks: Urban
bag: Beacon's Closet

First outfit post in FOREVER. My friend Hannah and I walked across the Brooklyn Bridge this afternoon. The weather has been amazing and I had yet to make the trek across the river, so it was the perfect day to do it. It feels so good to walk around outside again!

So this picture sucks, but it's all I have for now. My hair isn't nearly as red as one would expect, but I still really like how it came out. Just a little strawberry blonde! I think it will be more red the next time I dye it too. Anyway, the point is I like it and I'm excited about spring time!

1 comment:

the snail and the cyclops said...

yay! you hair came out so nice!

And you're looking mighty cute up there on that bridge!!