March 26, 2010


I'm feeling really down right now. Since moving here, to Brooklyn that is, I have been waiting for my life to turn into what I've always imagined it could be. A lot of things have changed since I first arrived, but up until this point I've felt like those changes have been for the best - things that are moving me forward in the right direction. I am beginning to feel exactly like I did when I was in Boston: stagnant and really unhappy. I know I am capable of really great things and I guess I'm getting pretty exhausted of putting myself out there, but not getting anything in return. Luckily I really love New York so it's going to take more than multiple rejections and poverty to kick me out of here.

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rennes le ch√Ęteau said...

So sorry to hear things have been down lately! It's hard sometimes when you keep trying and trying and hitting a brick wall each time, or when you feel kind of stuck. Luckily you live in an amazing city and I'm sure things will be looking up soon with spring along the way :)