March 12, 2011

Perfect outfit.

Let's talk about why this is so perfect:

1) The shoes! Can't go wrong with some neutral clogs, especially when they're Swedish Hasbeens.

2) The jeans! I have been thinking about investing in some new straight legs because most of the denim in my wardrobe is the same: skinny, skinny aaaaannd more skinny. Madewell makes a great pair that I think might match this look above if purchased a size or two bigger. I will have to do some investigating this week. I'm also open to suggestions if you have any!

3) The shirt! I am a supporter (and a sucker) for anything men's wear inspired and a blue gingham is just so classic. It adds a little pattern and some clean crispness to any outfit.

4) The scarf! I love this deep orange that seems to be popping up everywhere this spring. Plus it taps into my art background - blue and orange are complimentary colors!

5) The coat! I love the texture that her jacket brings to this outfit. The oversized lapels add interest to an otherwise classic and simple shape, and the neutral shade ensures that it can basically be worn with anything.

Via All the Pretty Birds


Gawgus things... said...

So in love with your shoes and scarf - gorgeous! XX

Anonymous said...

this is beautiful!

Collections said...

Love the shoes and red scarf!!

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