March 18, 2011

Hetterson Spring/Summer 2011

WOW - how insanely talented is Hannah??

I first came across Hetterson - known at the time as Bekvam - through the lovely, and also very talented, Julia of Rennes. (In fact, one of her market totes is featured in Hetterson's Spring lookbook!) Since then I have been in love with Hannah's designs. They are simple, sweet, girly, but not frilly and basically everything she make is the real life version of whatever ideal garment you dreamed of last night.

Each season I am blow away by the craftsmanship and detail that Hannah puts into her designs. I mean, she makes her own sweaters people! And I'm not talking about the kind with two knitting needles and some yarn.

I wish I had the funds to snatch up all of these items - especially the Crenelle Sweater - but alas. Reagrdless, I will be heading over to the Hetterson online shop to "window shop" and you should too!

A girl can dream of owning the real life dream dress(es)... right?

Photos via Hetterson


MollyAmalgamation said...

They are just gorgeous aren't they? Duffle buttons on a cardigan? Genius.


Liz said...

i know! i wish i had a million dollars so i could buy everything.

Hetterson said...

You are so sweet! This is one of the nicest posts I've EVER read! Thank you!

Liz said...

No need to thank me - your collection speaks for itself! Congrats, it's amazing! I hope you are hard at work making things that will sell out :)

LUU H. said...

the clothes was amazing, but the prizes are too high for me, pity!

paperwhales said...

Beautiful pieces. I completely love this brand. I've seen a lot of blog posts being made on Hetterson and I still can't get enough.