June 17, 2011

Deal of the Century.

I'm not usually one to write about crazy deals and sales I've encountered because honestly they just don't happen to me that often, but this one is like, just crazy to the point that I'm still not sure if it even happened. I just have to share!

Today may have been the most successful shopping day in Liz history.

I went to Buffalo Exchange this morning and received $55 store credit, which yielded $11 panama hat (it's real! Made in Ecuador!), a linen mustard skirt for $16 and $15 change left over!

When I was heading home form work I found $12 on the ground, but that chance of fate was spoiled because I realized I left my keys at work as I was walking up my door step. I went all the way back to work and decided to eff it and go into Manhattan. I already wasted an hour of my life on the train, so I felt the need to do something productive - something productive like shopping.

Now let me say that I had no intention of buying anything, but the fates aligned and smiled upon me today because I found a pair of Braided Sky High Swedish Hasbeens and lace up Worishofers for $9.99 EACH. EACH!! I think my eyes popped out of my head when the cashier was ringing me up. I really thought someone would notice and be like, "Hey! That's crazy! Put those back!" but no such thing occurred. And now, they're mine.

Do you have any amazing shopping or thrifting stories? My friend Jodi once got a pair of Hasbeen Jodhpur boots for $50 and I want to hear more shopping miracle stories like that!


Nicole, Coco Maria said...

Holy moly, that really is an amazing deal! Where did you find them? I never have any luck finding reasonably priced thrifted/vintage goodies in Manhattan.

Liz said...

Urban! So weird cuz I have the same problem too. Manhattan is tricky and always picked over.

Darcy said...

This is incredible! I think that may be the only way I'd get to own a pair of Hasbeens. LUCK! I too find that Urban doesn't do thorough markdowns, I once got a dress marked $30 for less than $15. Pretty excited over that one.

I just stumbled on your blog from tumblr and its really quite lovely.

Emma said...

ahh! this happened to me yesterday .. sort of. i was at urban and found a pair of kork-ease wedges for 20$. they were the only pair in the store and originally priced125$

Anonymous said...

Eep! I wonder if your friend bought her Jodhpur boots on I-Ella because when they were launching they asked me to sell some of my things online with them and they ended up pricing my Swedish Hasbeen booties for $40 dollars! Which was crazy to me and I didn't realize until it was too late. It made me sad in a petty way, but then I guess maybe it's better to let go of my things and not attach too much monetary value to them.

It would be strange if it was your friend who bought my green Swedish Hasbeens, though!



Liz said...

darcy - they have THE BEST sales.

emma - sounds like we has the same stroke of fate! hooray!

Jennyboo said...

This is just crazy! Where did you find them for that cheap!? I've wanted a pair of the Sweedish Hasbeens for so long but I can't afford them right now :-( Though I did thrift a $1,260 YSL dress WITH the price tags still on it at Salvation Army for $2.99. No joke. It was the most surreal experience of my life. I don't think they saw the original pricetag or had any idea what they were selling. I sold the dress. haha.

Leah said...

Something about hasbeens I think.
I mused for a long time about buying mine, tried some on in a shop but ordered them from the website because it was cheaper. I was all ready to pay that $250, made sure my bank account had enough in it, and the NEVER TOOK THE MONEY!!!
I still don't like talking about it because I'm terrified they'll realise their mistake and debit my account, over a year later!

marissa (stylebook) said...

this is like, my dream bedtime story. a fairy tale. i should read it every night before i fall asleep.