June 10, 2011

Adventures in US History: John Wilkes Booth Escape Route

Photos by Greg

Dress: Anthro a couple years ago
Cardigan: J.Crew
Shoes and sunglasses: Dalaga
Necklace: My Gammy's
Bag: Vintage

I finished reading Assassination Vacation by Sarah Vowell a couple weeks ago and I decided pretty early on in the book that I needed to take my own assassination vacation. I suggested going to Washington D.C. and then heading to Richmond (the capital of the Confederacy) via John Wilkes Booth's escape route. Greg's friend, and equally enthusiastic U.S. History buff, Laura was reading Manhunt at the time so she was stoked and totally down.

We set off for Richmond on Saturday morning and our first stop was Mary Surratt's Tavern in Clinton, Maryland which is where Booth picked up some rifles and booze. Unfortunately, the early bird did not get the worm in this case because the museum and tours don't start until noon! We were bummed, but we got to see the outside of the house and peered into a few windows.

It's so weird because it's this historically significant place, but the surroundings are totally modern. The house is located on a main road and there is a Citgo station across the street. It feels so out of place, but hey - that's America for ya.

Next stop will be Dr. Mudd's house, which is where Booth has his broken leg set. More on that next time!

P.S. I'm also excited to show you some pictures of Laura and her boyfriend Timmy because they have fantastic style and looked snazzy all weekend!

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