July 22, 2011

Cycling Uniform

Photos by Greg

Shades: Ray Ban
Shirt: Beacon's
Necklace: my Gammy's
Shorts: H&M
Shoes: $9.99 Worishofers
Backpack: Baggu via Dalaga

It's really hard to look or feel cute while commuting on my bike. It's been so hot out that I almost always sweat through whatever I'm wearing (TMI? whatever) and let's not even talk about helmet hair.

My current solution has been to braid my hair, wear shorts and t-shirt or tank top, and just pack a change of dry clothing along with some freshening up necessities in my backpack. These things include Lulu Organics dry shampoo in jasmine, Tarte mascara, Lipstick Queen tinted lip balm and some Tom's of Maine lavender deodorant. Those things, along with a cool splash of water on my face, make me feel like a lady again.

I have to say that even though it's hot and sweaty, it feels really, really good to ride my bike to work every day. I have been needing some serious exercise and having this bike not only provides me with some cardio, but it will pay for itself in 4 months by not having to buy a monthly MTA pass! I haven't seen a change in my legs yet, but lets hope these gams are beach ready by the time I head to St. Croix in August!


Sweet Harvest Moon said...

Great summer look!


Sweet Harvest Moon said...


Retro Threadz Vintage said...

oh my gawsh! that bike is way too cool & i love to wear braids too! Great style for hot & sweaty bike rides - I agree


Norbyah said...

i have just stumbled on your blog via calivintage and i have to say i really like your blog and i love your style. i can totally relate to the heat making it difficult to look fresh (i live in hong kong--the humidity here is ridiculous). i had to giggle about the sweating through stuff comment because i wrote a post with a similar comment not too long ago and my hubby told me it was a bit TMI....hehe.

i've added you to my blogroll. my sisters live in NYC (brooklyn and manhattan) and i absolutely LOVE the city.