October 6, 2011

New Neighborhood

Photos by Greg

Sweater: Zara
Necklace: My Gammy's
Shorts: Dalaga
Tights: Who knows
Shoes & Bag: Vintage

You may remember me babbling on about a stressful move. Well, it's over now and Greg and I are settled into our totally awesome new place! We both lived in the same neighborhood in Brooklyn prior to living in our current place, but we were what feels like worlds away from the little spot we're in now.

Bushwick is kind of what they call "up and coming" here in NYC, which is a really annoying expression which doesn't really mean anything other than "get in while rent is still cheap!" It's mainly Williamsburg spillover as rent skyrockets to Manhattan pricing. People tend to just move further east on the L train.

There's not much here yet, and a large portion of the area is still industrial, but our block is so rad! The train is literally 200 ft from our door step, the post office, grocery store, coffee shop, four fantastic restaurants (one being a delicious taco joint) and a 24 hour organic super market are all within a two block radius. There's also a super cute park one block away that has a farmer's market every weekend. New things keep popping up every couple months so I am really excited to be closer to all this stuff!

One of the other great things in our 'hood is this little junk shop across the street. These picture are from when we went over to explore said junk shop, but unfortunately it was closed. We ended up going the following weekend and let me tell you - the place is a true junk shop. There's really not much rhyme or reason to the organization of things and there is furniture piled sky high so you have to walk up an down narrow hallways made of desks, dressers and old TV cabinets in the hopes of maybe finding some treasure. A few things caught my eye, but it's more like thrift store or Beacon's Closet pricing than say the Goodwill warehouse, so I walked away empty handed. Greg was pouring over an enormous pile of LIFE magazines and I would not be surprised if a few of them eventually made their way into our house.

Speaking of the Goodwill, I had such an awesome trip this past weekend. Alley and I met up for brunch and we spent a few hours scouring the bins of clothing. It was a seriously good haul which included a suede skirt, leather pants (which I'm going to make into shorts), two sweaters, a velvet button up, a velvet skirt, burgundy velvet pumps (it was a velvet jackpot), a gorgeous navy swing skirt, a little floral pouch and a set of 8 glasses with little mod people painted on them! All for a whopping $14. It reminded me why I love thrifting and almost always prefer it to shopping in a store. There is a sense of victory and excitement when you're thrifting and I always treat each find like a beloved and invaluable treasure.


Megan said...

love the sound of your neighborhood!

Emily Rose said...

hehe your so cute. i love your photo high fiveing the snowman. and holy moly, only $14! i knew the place was cheap, but thats cheap!!! can we go this weekend please?!? maybe sunday again? im off from work so there is no rush to get back home this time. and im not sick anymore, well not as sick.

Joy said...

Love how simple yet still polished everything is! Your new neighborhood sounds great to live in.

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

I love your hair! Glad the move went well. x hivenn