November 24, 2011

A Very Vegas Thanksgiving

I though it was only appropriate that on this Thanksgiving that I tell you what I did last year, mostly because it was so ridiculous and fun.

I had just been laid off from my job, and one of my best friends e-mailed me with a super cheap airline promo for tickets to LA. Naturally, I purchased the tickets immediately and took a two week vacation from my life and the misery I was feeling for the sunny west coast.

It just so happened that Thanksgiving fell in those two weeks. We had a giant potluck in LA before the actual holiday, but Emily, her roommate Mo, her co-worker Kristin and I decide to leave the city for the holiday weekend for... you guessed it - VEGAS!

We stayed in the New York, New York hotel (hence the Statue of Liberty and roller coaster in the first picture) where we played slots, jumped on our beds and ordered room service. On actual Thanksgiving we walked to the Hooters Hotel and Casino (yes, THAT Hooters) and proceeded to have a fried pickle feast. Little known fact: Bud Light is $1 in the casino and full price in the restaurant, BUT you can go out to the casino to buy said $1 beers and bring them back into the restaurant!

While I was up getting us a round of these cheapo beers, the girls told our waitress that it was my birthday. I sat down only to be greeted by a bunch of Hooters girls clapping their hands and singing to us. I thought they were just coming over out of solidarity and in the spirit of being independent ladies out on the town during a major US holiday, but I was wrong. Luckily Kristin was able to capture the moment this dawned on me, resulting the the most hilarious photo from the entire week.

As I started to type this post, Emily, Mo, Kristin and my friend Sarah called me. They're having another Friendsgiving road trip this year, but this time they're in Joshua Tree. I so badly wish I could be there, in the middle of the desert with them camping, laughing, and drinking wine by the fire.

I hope you all have an amazing holiday with whoever you call family.

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