December 13, 2011

Bundled Up

Photos by Greg

Shades: Ray Ban
Coat: J.Crew, Christmas gift a couple years ago
Scarf: Steven Alan sample sale
Bag: Vintage coach
Shirt: J.Crew, free from the Madewell lost and found bin
Skirt: Steven Alan sample sale
Shoes: Madewell

Well, it's really starting to feel like winter is about to be here any second now. Every day is getting a little colder and I'm starting to wish I had brought my hat with me every time I leave the house without it.

Although I might look cozied up in this outfit, I wasn't even close to being warm. I really needed to be wearing another pair of tights (my winter secret to keeping the gams from freezing) and a sweater of some kind. I braved the chilly wind to get these pics though, and felt like a real model for a second because of it.

I really can't wait for Christmas this year because I'm just really looking forward to taking a break. This week is especially crazy with Dalaga participating in two holiday markets - The Brooklyn Night Bazaar and the Yelp Giftacular Holiday Market. I'll be working the BK Night Bazaar on Friday and Saturday, so please come by and visit me if you plan on checking it out! It looks pretty darn awesome - over 100 local merchant and food vendors, live music, art installations, DJs... Should be a good time!

P.S. My bangs are almost completely gone! It's crazy!

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