December 6, 2011

Dalaga ♥ The Loved One

Photos courtesy of Dalaga

This past Friday Dalaga hosted a party to celebrate the launch of The Loved One! I think Emily said it best in that this matrimony has been a long time coming. TLO is really the perfect fit for Dalaga. It's vintage boudoir inspired lingerie mimics the store's intimate decor and Hannah mentioned that she thinks Dalaga has a sophisticated femininity that TLO fits perfectly in. I couldn't agree more!

As many of you know, TLO has their own storefront in Pasadena, but up until now there was no where for us East Coasters to get the pretty underthings in person. Lucky for us you can now shop the entire TLO collection at Dalaga and even get a few items online!

Onto the party pics! I obviously wore some TLO underthings and felt secretly sexy all night. I decided to glam it up and wore my new white Steven Alan sample sale dress, red lipstick and simple black pumps. I have to say that my hair managed to look the way I wanted it to for once and I felt pretty darn good about it.

It was basically a girl fest save Greg, Bob (Dalaga owner Michelle's husband), Landon and few of his pals. I always have a blast when I get to hang out with Alley, Emily, Anna, Emma and Hannah and I was really happy that Amy and Frankie came too! It was great to meet Amy's sister and Leeann who I have been following on Tumblr forever.

All in all it was a great time with pink drinks, pigs in a blanket and frilly under things. You can see lots more pictures from the party on Dalaga's Facebook!

Dalaga owners Mary and Michelle with Hannah

Emily is bored with what I'm saying and it looks like maybe I am too.

Weird face, but my hair looks great!

Gotta make sure the picture of us looks ok.

Go team Dalaga!

Talking about Thanksgiving is funny.

Giving my best "oy vey" face.

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Zoë, Lion Heart Vintage said...

What a great combo! Gotta love a great shop that carries TLO. And girl, your hair looks amazing. I love the tri-colors! (Although I only see varying shades of beautiful blonde!)
My 'ombre' hair is really just the result of not dyeing my roots, haha. But I'm doing it so I can show off my natural grey streak! Hair is fun. :)