January 21, 2012

Weekly Instagram Outfit Round Up

What I wore on Wednesday. Photos by me.

Earlier this week I mentioned that I started documenting my daily outfits on Instagram. It seemed to go over pretty well so I figured I would start doing a weekly round up for y'all! I also like looking back and seeing the patterns in how I dress. I clearly love tights and my Madewell boots almost never leave my feet. One thing I also noticed, which doesn't actually surprise me, is that most of what I wear is either, vintage, free from a swap, purchased at major discount or from Madewell (thanks to my year long stint there).

Here's the breakdown:

Monday: Plaid from some store in SF, $10 H&M denim jumper, Madewell boots
Tuesday: J.Crew sweater, H&M dress via a swap, Madewell boots
Wednesday: Goodwill sweater, Steven Alan sample sale skirt, Madewell boots
Thursday: J.Crew sweater, Madewell dress and boots
Friday: Madewell sweater and boots, vintage lace tee, vintage skirt via a swap (Thanks Emily!)

Monday, Tuesday

Thursday, Friday

P.S. How do you guys feel about this format? Do you like the two photo collage or would you prefer to see all five photos at full size?

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