February 4, 2012

Instagram Outfit Round Up Vol. 3

What I wore on Wednesday. Photos by me.

It was abnormally warm this week, which usually bring these jeans out of hiding. Jeans and flats are just my go-tos for warmer weather when tights are too much and bare legs are a bit too much.

I had been scouring Ebay for a pair of Bardots for years when I happened upon these in Beacon's Closet a few years ago. My jaw dropped to the floor and I had to take a minute to look around and make sure no one else was noticing my miraculous discovery. They fit like a glove and I would do just about anything to find another pair before these ones wear out.

Kennedy is in town this weekend and I cannot wait to see her tomorrow! I haven't seen her since Memorial Day (!) last year, so it's a much over due reunion!

Here's the break down:

Monday: J.Crew sweater, Leah's shirt via ModSwap, vintage skirt and shoes
Tuesday: American Apparel Cardigan, thrifted shirt, J.Brand Bardot jeans from Beacon's Closet, Dalaga flats
Wednesday: J.Crew sweater, thrifted shirt, J.Brand Bardot jeans, vintage saddle shoes via Etsy
Thursday: Dalaga shirt, H&M denim jumper, Madewell shoes
Friday: J.Crew sweater, vintage silk tank top, Steven Alan sample sale skirt, Madewell shoes





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