April 17, 2012

Blooming Leopold S/S 2012

Photos courtesy of Blooming Leopold

One aspect of blogging that's really amazing, and definitely one of my favorite things about it, is that it opens up this whole network of fantastic, creative people. Lauren of Blooming Leopold is definitely one of those people.

I came across Lauren through her equally stylish sister and was instantly smitten. Lauren has a great eye for vintage pieces (which you can shop on her Etsy) and she really makes me wish I knew how to sew better. She makes a point of creating something almost every week which I think is amazing because I can barely hem a dress in the span of 6 months.

Naturally, I was really excited that she decided to move from making clothing from vintage patterns into creating her own original designs. Her first full collection was last Spring and Summer, which also echos the easy and simple shapes of this years collection.

Always drawing from vintage, and using vintage fabrics as often as she can, Lauren is able to combine the romance of another time with the simplicity of the south where she lives. As you know, I have a major soft spot for all things southern and that area of the country has a certain amount of romance for me, so Lauren's designs always pick at my heart strings.

I imagine myself wearing The Apple Yard Pinktuck Dress with some daisies in my hair while eating a picnic near a small creek that has big old tree with a rope swing I can jump off of when it gets too hot. See? Told you it was romantic.

You can shop the entire Blooming Leopold S/S 2012 collection on Lauren's Etsy here and read her blog which is full of fantastic inspirations, DIY projects, sewing tutorials and her own adorable outfits here.

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