May 26, 2012

Instagram Outfit Round Up Vol. 15

What I wore on Thursday. Photos by me.

Aaaaand we're back! My two week hiatus is over.

This weekend looks like it's going to be a good one. It's almost 90 here today and tomorrow is looking up too. I hope you all have some BBQ or beach plans for the long weekend!

Here's this week's break down:

Monday: Cardigan and button up from Dalaga, skirt from Clever Nettle, Madewell boots
Tuesday: Shirt and jeans are thrifted, Asos shoes
Wednesday: Thirfted dress, J.Crew socks, Madewell boots
Thursday: Thrifted button up, vintage jumper, J.Crew socks, Madewell boots
Friday: St. James tee, Urban jeans, Worishofer shoes





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