June 22, 2012

Wish List: Steven Alan Sample Sale

1. Boyfriend shirt, 2. Shelby Skirt, 3. Rachel Comey Inni Wedge Sandal, 4. Francoise Bag

Ah, yes. Sample sales. They are one of the best things about living in NYC, but this summer Steven Alan has opened up the madness to everyone and has opted to do the sale online.

Though this is fantastic for my lady friends who live outside of the city, it's not so great for those of us who enjoyed the ability to try things on not to mention the prices which, from the looks of it, appear to be $20-$30 more online.

Regardless, it doesn't stop by from "window shopping" online and dreaming up a few outfits I would snatch up in an instant if I had the funds at my disposal. Things seem to be going fast so I apologize in advance if some of the links are broken! The sale ends today so get the goods while you can!

1. Janis Hat , 2. Murphy Skirt, 3. Amira Shirt, 4. Classic Ballerina Flat

1. Overalls (sold out), 2. Riley Top, 3. Classic Ballerina Flats, 4. Franklin Bag

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