August 16, 2012

Beach Day by Rookie

Photos by Alexis Lambrou for Rookie, styled by Leeann Duggan

There were a few sneak peeks of this photo shoot roaming the internet and Instagram, but I have to say I'm glad to finally see them in all their glory. Not to sound cheesy, but Leeann is one of the most intelligent, coolest, and talented ladies I have met since moving to New York. She is down to earth, hilarious and keeps it real, which all comes across in this editorial she styled for Rookie.

This feels expecially close to home because (well, it is in the literal sense) I've made this exact journey with Emily and Emma many a time this summer, and even the most remote summery thing like going to the beach involves so much of the city in New York. Trains, buses and shuttles are the only way to get to the beach (unless you are blessed with a car) and even though you are surrounded by sand and water, it never feels quite like an escape. The beach is crowded like the JMZ platform during rush hour and cigarette butts hide in sand castles. It may sound gross to some, but it's part of the unique experience of New York and just one more reason why I love this place.

I'm sad to see this summer coming to an end, but I'm grateful I got to spend it with these ladies.

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