August 7, 2012

Bishop Farm

Photos by me and Greg

Greg couldn't come to my actual birthday because he had to work so we planned a special mini vacation to make up for it. We decided to go to Bishop Farm which is a bed and breakfast in the White Mountains. I wish I could tell you that I had secret tips or insider info to find this place because it would be much more interesting than the truth, which is that I found it on Google haha!

Greg and I always like a little history to go along with our travels, so we were happy to learn that the farm was settled in the 1770s. It was originally a dairy and stock farm, but as ownership and time passed the farm was abandoned and left to decay. Eventually it was renovated by the Salter family who own and operate the farm and bed and breakfast today. Annie Salter greeted Greg and I by name when we arrived in the driveway and was just absolutely amazing, sweet and incredibly welcoming. She invited us to take a walking tour of the grounds which includes six cabins, a chicken coop and large yard for them to roam, an antique shop and lots of trees to sit under. As you can see, there's also a rope swing which we took full advantage of.

Each morning Annie and her mother Maggie made us breakfast from scratch and invited all of the guests into the kitchen to drink coffee and chat while she cooked. It truly was a home away from home and it was painful to leave.

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Emma said...

This looks like the most ideal belated birthday getaway ever! I'm particularly in love with the idea of vacation chickens.