August 3, 2012

Fall Wish List: Madewell

Chambray Songbird Dress, Textbook Glasses, Perfect Leather Belt, Leopard Sidewalk Skimmers, Leather Transport Tote

I've been bitten by the Fall bug! Some of my most favorite items every season come from Madewell and Fall is definitely their best season. I have been religiously checking their website every day to see if new items have arrived, and I already have a very long wish list started.

I think my must haves are the Chambray Songbird Dress and the Zipcode Boots. I yearn for these two items from the depths of my soul right now. Sigh.

A lot of the time these things are out of my budget, but luckily some of you can get a year round discount! Did you know that Madewell gives 15% off to students and teachers? It's true! So use those school IDs kids and go get your shop on so I can live vicariously through you.

Perfect Chambray Shirt, Skinny Skinny High Riser Jeans, Han Kjobenhavn™ Ed Eyeglasses, Leather Transport Rucksack, Zip Code Boots

Farmland Pendant, Lovelock Clutch, Sodashop Dress, Honeydew® Bralette, Ribbed Knee High Socks, Bookstall Oxfords

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