September 3, 2012

A Slightly Morbid History

Photos by Greg

Dress: Madewell Chambray Songbird Dress
Tote: Leah Goren
Socks: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Swedish Hasbeens

I told ya I would have an outfit post up here soon! This is the third Songbird Dress I've purchased from Madewell. I was lucky enough to have gift cards to get two of them and the other was on super sale a couple weeks ago. I couldn't resist.

I'm also really in love with my Filled in Heart Ring from Verameat. I'm not much of a jewelry/accessories girl, but I've been looking for something simple to wear every day and it definitely fits the bill. It hasn't left my ring finger since.

On another note, the history lover in me really likes exploring cemeteries. One of the gravestones we came across was from from 1809 or something crazy like that. I like to imagine Manchester in it's beginnings as a small settlement which eventually boomed into an industrial hub and maybe this is a New England thing, but I really loved learning about that era. I especially loved the book Lyddie which is about a young girl who works in a mill in Lowell, MA in the 1840s. She was a true heroine in my 5th grade mind.

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Josephine Frances said...

God I love that shoes and socks combo so much! You look amazing :D x