September 27, 2012

Kelsey Genna

Photos by Ben & Elise Johnson via Kelsey Genna

I remember coming across Kelsey Genna's dreamy designs on the blogosphere some years ago and I was really excited to meet this incredibly talented lady last fall when she came to the states for fashion week! She stood out in the sea of girls at the annual blogger picnic because she was wearing the most amazing, well fitted dress I've laid eyes on. Girl after girl approached her to ask where she got her dress and she simply replied, "Oh thank you! I made it."

Kelsey's debut collection is beyond gorgeous and shows the full extent of her talent. Even if you're not getting married, you may want to get hitched just to wear one of these ornate dresses!

Inspired by her upbringing in the New Zealand countryside, Kelsey draws from her love of nature. In particular, her adoration of blooming flowers shines through her designs with nods to petals, rosettes and her use of delicate lace.

If you are in fact getting married, or just want something extra special made, Kelsey also offers bespoke services. Kelsey and her staff work with each customer to create items that are made to measure just for you. Sounds pretty amazing, huh?

You can see and shop Kelsey's debut bridal collection here and read her blog here.

Designer: Kelsey Genna
Set Design & Florist: Yvette Edwards & Sarah Hodge
Photographer: Ben & Elise Johnson
Model: Roise @ Nova
MUA: Dominique Whittaker
Location: Horrobin & Hodge

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