October 15, 2012

23 Days

Photos by Greg

Barette: Lawrence
Necklace: In God We Trust
Ring: Verameat
Dress: c/o LKF Vintage
Bag and shoes: thrifted

I knew I had to own this dress the moment I saw it. The colors scream fall and I like to imagine a Wellesley girl wearing it to her literature class. Luckily, Leanne echoed my sentiments and she was sweet enough to send it to me right away.

There are only twenty-three days until the election and I think this may have been my last hurrah in NH. Naturally, I went thrifting as a way to say good-bye and totally scored a pile of shoes, including the ones I'm wearing, and this little Bass shoulder bag. They were the perfect compliment to the dress which made them an even more magical find.

As a fellow vintage hunter, Leanne really knows how to pick 'em and her shop is chock full of amazing finds. Makes me want to step up my game and finally start selling all of the goodies I've found in the past seven months. Lucky for you Leanne is offering 10% off anything in her shop withe the code Olivemylove through October 29th exclusively for you my lovely readers! I don't know about you, but I've had my eye on this sweater for quite sometime and I really think one of you need to give it a new home.

Leanne also has a really great blog where she chronicles her style and Californian adventures and as you know, I love a good adventure. Check it and the rest of LKF Vintage out and get shoppin'!

Oh, and just as a little bonus, this is what Greg looks like these days as he spearheads "Beards for Obama" at OFANH HQ:

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Josephine Frances said...

Liz I think this might be one of my favorite outfits of yours ever! That dress is a dream, it just suits you so perfectly!! <3