October 12, 2012


Photos by Greg

Sweater: c/o Darling Vintage
Shirt: swap with Melissa of Sometimes Almost Always
Jeans: J.Brand Bardot via Beacon's Closet
Shoes: Madewell

Man oh, man did it get cold quick. Greg and I were taking an evening stroll up in NH last weekend and I was really glad I brought this sweater along with me just in case. It wasn't just cold, but New England fall cold. There is a distinctive smell to New England in the chillier months - like clear air and moist leaves that lay on the ground. You can always tell when it's just about to snow or rain because the atmosphere changes and this was one of those nights.

I am definitely grateful to Diane of Darling Vintage for sending this cozy sweater to me just in the nick of time! I love that it kind of looks like a sweatshirt and the gray marled wool is just so pretty. Not to mention that it kept the chill off in a pinch. It didn't leave my body all weekend.

Diane is offering my lovely readers 15% off anything in her store with the code DVFRIENDS through the end of the month. Her selection is figure and wallet friendly, stocking her shop with vintage for all shapes and sizes at a seriously reasonable price. You can follow Darling Vintage on Tumblr too, which I love because it's exciting to see those new listings pop up in my dashboard every week!

Hope you all are staying warm as winter descends on us.

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