December 18, 2012

Winter Warmer

Winter Weekend

The weather in NYC has been abismal and has left me day dreaming of warmer climates. Unfortunately that is not going to be a reality until like, May, so until then I've been keeping myself busy by thinking up some dream outfits that might make my walks to and from the train more bearable.

I started with three pairs of fantastic boots from House of Fraser, which has a pretty insane selection of shoes. I actually tend to build my outfits from the bottom up, so once I had my favorites the rest came naturally. I especially love the Pied a Terre Osho Hardware Boots. They have a western influence and a bit of a heel, which I love since I'm on the shorter side.

You can click through on the collages to see where everything else is from, but all of the beautiful boots are available directly from House of Fraser.

Dinner with Friends

Brooklyn Stroll

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