March 14, 2013

Machpelah Cemetery

Photos by Greg

Dress: c/o Darling Vintage
Coat, shoes and "Penny" bracelet: vintage
Bag: Dalaga
Ring: Cat Bird
Necklace: In God We Trust

Its's been almost exactly three years since Greg and I took our first big southern road trip together. The anniversary has me itching for a trip out of the city to some southern Civil War battlefield or any place that has historical charm. Unfortunately we won't be going anywhere any time soon, so in the mean time I've been seeking out historical places here in the city, which is where Machpelah Cemetery comes in.

I've been wanting to visit for a while now because Arnold Rothstein is buried somewhere in the Jewish section of the Cemetery Belt and I after reading The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay, I was happy to discover that Harry Houdini also lies within those gates. We weren't able to find Mr. Rothstein, but Houdini's grave is visible from the street. There was all kinds of relics left on his grave—fake flowers, stacks of wet, decaying playing cards... but the truly amazing thing about this cemetery is how close all of the markers lie. People literally buried on top of other people for miles and miles.

This mini adventure was also the perfect opportunity to take this amazing dress from Darling Vintage for a spin. There's something a little creepy (in a good Jane Eyre kind of way) about bringing something so sweet and pretty into such a morbid setting. The pleating, collar and especially the back buttons give this cambray dress an Edwardian feel, and I felt a bit like I could be the ghost of one of the young girls laid to rest all around me.

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Lisa said...

I love your dress. I am such a sucker for anything with back buttons. I grew up across the street from an old cemetery like this, you captured it wonderfully.