March 20, 2013

Good Night, Day 2013

Photos courtesy of Good Night, Day

Today I'm excited to share with you the 2013 look book from Good Night, Day. Tara-Lynn Morrison is one of those internet pals who I have been following since before I even started this old thing. It's been fun watching her style change and her amazing knits grow. She is a true maker—involved in the creative process from start to finish, hand knitting every single one of these creations herself.

The company is independently run by Tara-Lynn, and she's also the sole founder, designer and knitter. Good Night, Day's aesthetic has a strong emphasis on modern & minimalist hand knit, exclusive one of a kind and often featuring limited run pieces. Tara-Lynn is involved in every step of the highly personal hand made process, including choosing fair trade sourced wool, namely of alpaca, merino and cashmere blends that come from Peru, Uruguay and a women's collective in Argentina. Good Night, Day is one of those lines where you know, can see and feel the craftsmanship and care that goes into every single piece.

My mom used to knit me clothing growing up, and she recently picked it up again. Two years ago she made me a sweater and a scarf and it nearly brought me to tears. There's something truly amazing about clothing made by hand and I'm so happy to see people like Tara-Lynn keeping that tradition alive.

You can shop the new Good Night, Day collection online now, including Tara-Lynn's new knitting kits and patterns.

Photography: Arden Wray
Models: Kate campbell and Elspeth Hudson

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